NHSmail for Sessional GPs

We have been informed of forthcoming changes to NHSmail accounts for sessional GPs that are currently linked to their previous PCT. We have sought clarification from the NHSmail team at the Health and Social Care Information Centre, and they have provided the advice below:

If you are a sessional/locum/salaried GP and require an NHSmail account for securely exchanging data, please contact the GP practice NHSmail Administrator for which you carry out most work. The Administrator will need to liaise with the CCG Local Organisation Administrator (LOA) to request an account is hosted and administered via the GP Practice on your behalf.

If you work across several GP practices on a regular basis, it may be more appropriate to have your account hosted and administered by the CCG. If this is the case, please contact the Local Organisation Administrator (LOA) in your local CCG, who can normally be found via the IT department.

If you have any issues registering an NHSmail account please email