06 December 2015

NHS Property Services Invoices

In a meeting with the Area Team on 26th November, the LMC emphasised the potential damage these recurrent issues was having on both the morale and the finances of practices. It was clear they were aware of the risks raised. In our view, some of the invoices that have been raised with practices may indicate a lack of full understanding by the personnel raising the invoices. It is, for example, apparent that some of the invoices mix up those aspects of the invoice which are or are not directly reimbursable. Agreement was obtained from the Area Team to look at any invoices they were sent by practices and clarify any issues you may have.  Our firm suggestion is that any practice who has concerns about their invoice should do the following:
  1. Return the invoice to NHS PropCo and ask for it to be fully itemised
  2. On receipt of the itemised invoice, send it to the Area Team Finance Office for them to advise on which aspects are/are not reimbursable
  3. Pay the invoice to the amount which the practice deems reasonable taking into account previous advice.

Please contact the LMC is any queries.

GP News from the Chair...

latest (3rd December 2015) edition available here.

Avoiding Unplanned Admissions Enhanced Service

Following a number of queries about how often the care plan for the Avoiding Unplanned Admissions (AUA) enhanced service needs to be reviewed, NHS Employers has published the following FAQ:
How often does a care plan need to be reviewed for patients remaining on the AUA register from previous years?
Practices are expected to review a patients care plan at least once during 15/16. The service specification requires that a review is carried out within 12 months of the creation or last review of the care plan and the  Business Rules are structured to look back 12 months, therefore the data collection at the end of September 2015 looked back to 1 October 2014 and for the March 2016 collection it will look back to 1 April 2015.
Practices should review care plans more often if appropriate to the patients, but care plans must be reviewed at least once in a rolling 12 month period in order to meet the criteria for payment.
All the AUA FAQs are available in the Enhanced Services FAQs section of NHS Employers’ website: