08 July 2012

Control of asbestos regulations

The Health and Safety Executive has revised the Control of Asbestos Regulations. A short guidance note on the implications of this is available here http://bma.org.uk/practical-support-at-work/contracts/occupational-health/asbestos-medical-examinations

Guidance on identifying services that should not be provided by GPs

On several occasions over a number of years, we have been made aware of GPs being asked to provide services to patients residing in institutions or homes where the types of services expected do not fall under the responsibility of primary care. There appears to have been an increase in the numbers of such cases recently. With this in mind, we have put together revised guidance to help GPs decide whether or not the treatment they are providing in institutions and residential homes falls within the remit of standard primary medical services contracts.

The guidance is available here

Vaccine Update - June 2012

The Department of Health published their vaccine update for June, which you can access at this link: http://immunisation.dh.gov.uk/vu-190-jun-12/.

This update contains useful information on:

  • HPV immunisation programme - change of supply from Cervarix to Gardasil from 1 September 2012;
  • Flu vaccination uptake reports for Winter 2011/12;
  • Deliveries of vaccines during Olympic and Paralympic games; and
  • Process of ordering of vaccines through ImmForm.

GMC Guidance: Continuing professional development

The GMC has launched new guidance: Continuing professional development: guidance for all doctors.
This new GMC guidance has been developed in co-operation with doctors, medical Royal Colleges, employers, patients and the public, and follows widespread public consultation earlier this year.

It is hoped doctors will use it to reflect on how their learning and development improves the quality of care they provide to patients and for the service in which they work.

The guidance describes:

    You can find out more about the GMC’s professional development support here: http://www.gmc-uk.org/education/continuing_professional_development/cpd_guidance.asp

    Agency Workers Regulations Guidance

    Guidance on the Agency Workers Regulations is now available on the BMA website. The guidance will be useful for all locums who are engaged by agencies, as well as practices who hire them.


    Request for Patient Information by PCTs - Risk Stratification

    We are aware that LMCs are increasingly receiving requests for advice from practices about sharing patient information, particularly with regard to risk stratification. The BMA has produced guidance to support LMCs in dealing with requests for data for secondary purposes. We consider risk stratification as a secondary use of data and therefore any release of patient identifiable must be subject to existing legal and ethical principles. Patient identifiable information should remain within the practice unless explicit patient consent is obtained or there is another legal basis for the disclosure such as approval under section 251 of the NHS Act 2006. Identifiable patient information should not be accessible to other staff, including clinicians, unless they are providing direct care for that particular patient. The guidance 'Requests for disclosing data for secondary purposes' is available at: