09 June 2013

Shingles and Child Flu Programme DESs

The specifications for the shingles catch-up programme and the children's flu programme will be published shortly by NHS England
In short -
childhood flu programme covers:

From 1 September, in addition to the current DES influenza DES, practices should also vaccinate children who attain the age of two and three years, but not yet four, on 1 September 2013 on either:
a.        a proactive call basis, if not considered at-risk, or
b.        a proactive call and recall basis, if considered at-risk
See here for full specification.

And the
shingles programme covers :
From 1 September 2013, practices should provide the shingles vaccine to patients aged 70, but not yet 71 [route cohort] and all patients aged 79 [catch-up cohort], on an opportunistic basis.
See here for full specification.

Guidance on conflicts of interest...

Decisions about allocation of resources, population need and service design are complex, particularly at a time of financial constraint.  As CCGs adopt their statutory duties, doctors in commissioning roles have responsibility for significant amounts of public money. New guidance is available on conflicts of interest for GPs as commissioners and providers. The guidance covers issues such as the governance of CCGs, GMC obligations for doctors in commissioning roles, primary care incentive schemes and what membership of a CCG means for GP practices. See here.

Meningitis C booster for adolescents...

Following the announcement by the Department of Health about changes to the Men C vaccination schedule, that as from 1 June 2013 the second dose currently given at four months would be replaced by a booster dose given in adolescence, NHS England has now confirmed that the booster dose for 14-year-olds in academic year 2013-14 will be given in school based programmes (i.e. not in GP surgeries).

We await further details about the catch-up programme for first time university entrants under the age of 25 years, to be introduced from mid-August 2014.

Further information, including FAQs, have been published by NHS England and is available here.

LMC June 2013 Newsletter...

now available here.

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