10 February 2013

Message from Chair of LMC Conference

Message from Dr Mike Ingram, Chairman of Annual Conference of LMCs and GP in Hertfordshire
With many of us struggling through the build-up of work that heralds winter it can be all too easy to be submerged in the expanding workload and feel impotent in trying to change the circumstances of General Practice.
As Chairman of the Annual Conference of LMCs, I am writing to you to explain briefly how the medico-political process works and to call on you to replace resigned acceptance with thoughts feelings or ideas that can be developed into political change.
By late March every LMC in the UK will have submitted motions to the Conference of LMCs which will address any area of UK General Practice over which the GPC has responsibility.
Motions which are debated and accepted at the Conference then become part of GPC national policy.
This is to remind every GP, whether partner, salaried, sessional or locum that you have a voice in this process and that whether you find yourself irritated, exhausted, angry or just feel you have an idea on how processes might be carried out in a better way, you have an opportunity to put such ideas forward for national debate.
Next time you read an article in the lay or medical press, get annoyed at buck passing or bureaucratic nonsense or just muse on how our professional life can be better just write it down, as an e-mail, fax or letter and submit your thoughts to the LMC  as a potential motion for conference.

Remember apathy solves nothing!

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