13 January 2013

BMA Survey re Contract Impositions

BMA asks GPs to give their views on changes to the GP contract Read More...

GP Trainees' Newsletter

The latest edition of the newsletter for GP trainees, including advice on expenses and information on the Junior Members Forum, is now available. It will shortly be up on the BMA’s website at: http://bma.org.uk/about-the-bma/how-we-work/negotiating-committees/general-practitioners-committee/gp-trainees-subcommittee

GP Contract - QoF Calculator

A calculator to enable practices to work out possible changes to their QoF income following the impositions proposed.
Click here to download calculator.

Letter to the profession from GPC Chairman

Dear colleagues

This is to draw your attention to the new contract imposition resource on the BMA website.  A link to this information was sent to all GPs in England last night along with an email from Laurence (
see here).  A PDF with all the information on the website will be available soon, next to the online resource for those that prefer to print and read.

Alongside the new information you will find a QOF ready reckoner for practices to calculate their potential QOF loss following likely increases to thresholds and dates for the forthcoming UK road shows