16 June 2013

084 numbers

Ofcom were in touch with the GPC office this week to bring our attention to a couple of reports in the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph, which suggest that some GP surgeries are still entering into contracts for 084 numbers.

The Daily Telegraph article suggested that non-compliant telecoms arrangements do not breach regulations as they only applied to PCTs. This is not the case. Practices should note that the regulations require practices to satisfy themselves as to the cost of calls, and makes no mention of a role for other organisations, such as primary care organisations.

Imminent Ofcom changes will mean that any bodies that use 08 revenue share phone numbers will be required to advertise the part of the call charge they receive wherever that number is published, so that consumers know what service charge the bodies receive from each call.

Ofcom cannot tell any organisation which number to use, but are concerned that individual surgeries may not be aware of their forthcoming changes. They have also requested that we remind GPs of the GPC’s advice on the use of 084 numbers.

The changes will come into effect in early 2015. As soon as Ofcom publish their final statement in the summer, the changes will occur exactly 18 months after that.

DVLA Survey

The DVLA have asked us to send a short online survey to practices on the questions about cognition which are currently used on DVLA questionnaires.

The aim is to improve the DVLA questionnaires so that they best capture the necessary information to enable a correct licensing decision. This survey is being undertaken to canvas the views of GPs about the ‘red flag’ questions which are currently used on DVLA questionnaires, to determine what you anticipate is the effect of your answer to these questions on licensing decisions. The DVLA have asked for suggestions from you for additional ‘red flag’ questions the DVLA could ask which might help GPs to inform DVLA more comprehensively about your patient’s likely fitness to drive.

This survey is entirely voluntary but if you would like to take part the link for the survey is here.
Please note: you need to read the attached NEURO2 questionnaire here before you start the survey

Sessional GPs Subcommittee Election Results

The results of the election to GPC's Sessional GPs Subcommittee for 2013-2016 have been announced and are available on the BMA website: https://bma.org.uk/sessionalgpselections