25 February 2018

LMC March 2018 Newsletter...


  • Officer Retirements
  • LMC Vacancies & Elections- April 2018
  • GPC Roadshow
  • The Community Pharmacy Referral Service (CPRS)
  • Public Health England Vaccination PGD Templates
  • BMA Guidance on Dealing with Unfair Complaints on Websites
  • GP Access: Meeting the Reasonable Needs of Patients
  • Prescribing Updates
  • Private Rx for a Generics Product
  • Doctors and Dentists Review Body Submission
  • Online consultation systems
  • General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
  • Gluten-free foods on NHS prescription consultation

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Stress and Resilience Conference 16 May 2018 Newcastle

NTW is organising a day conference on this subject. Dr Liz Murphy, Consultant Occupational Health Physician, and Richard Duggin will be speaking about stress and resilience, and we will offer practical experience of Balint Groups and Mindfulness.

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