29 November 2015

Request for GPs to help with audit of research requests

The BMA’s Ethics department is seeking GP practices who are willing to provide examples of requests for patient information that they receive from researchers. This is to help us work with the Health Research Authority (HRA) to develop a set of standards for researchers, which will hopefully reduce the work required for GP practices to comply with requests for research.

Researchers regularly approach GP practices to provide patient information or support with recruitment for research projects. Members have told us that there can be gaps in the information provided in these requests, which can leave doctors unsure if they would meet their legal and professional obligations if they complied with the request. GPs we have spoken to would often like to support research, but are unable to because they do not have time to find out the additional information they need.

The standards we are developing with the HRA will inform researchers about when it is appropriate to contact GPs with requests for information, and what information to include. To do this, we need to know more about the nature of the requests that practices currently receive. For example, we would like to know what kinds of people or organisations are making these requests, what type of research they are doing, and what kind of information and/or support they are requesting from the practice.

We are seeking the help of any GP practice that is willing to send us photocopies of all requests for information that they receive from researchers between now and 29 Jan 2016. 
If you are interested in helping, or would like more information, please contact Hannah Quigan (hquigan@bma.org.uk or 020 3058 7463).

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